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6 Tips to Keep Your Bikini Looking Like New!

1. Pre-treat your suit Pre-treat a brand new bathing suit before wearing it in a hot tub, chlorinated pool or the ocean. Soak your bikini in a vinegar/water treatment for 30 minutes (four cups of cold water with two tablespoons of white vinegar), then gently squeeze and hang to dry. This will help keep bright colors from bleeding. Learn more here. 2. Wet it first! Wet your bathing suit in a shower or sink before getting in chemically treated water or the ocean. This way your bikini will absorb fresh water and keep the chemicals/salt from penetrating the fabric. 3. Watch out for Sunscreen and Tanning OilApply suntan lotion or sunscreen before putting on your bathing suit. Allow the lotion to absorb...

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Reversible Swimwear: Getting More for Less

Every Isla Bohemia bikini is reversible, giving you more options and more looks, without breaking the bank. With only two bikini sets (2 tops, 2 bottoms) you can mix and match to get 16 different looks! That's right- all you need to pack is two bikinis and your two week vacay is covered, without ever having to wear the same look twice. Cost analysis:  2 sets (2 tops x 2 bottoms) @ $282 / 16 = $18 per set / 2 = $9 per piece! That's right, you're basically spending $9 per top and bottom, or $18 per set. 2 Sets: = 16 Looks! Cost Comparisons for 16 looks from other swimwear companies: Stone Fox Swim- $704 Revolve- $752 Frankies Bikinis-...

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8 Summer Beach Bag Must-Haves

#1 Bikini Boho Soul creates beautiful and unique bikinis for bohemian girls who have free-spirited, water-loving souls. The bikinis are seamless for ultimate comfort and every piece is reversible so you always get two looks in one! Prints and colors for every collection are carefully selected so that each piece mix n' matches perfectly. Made in America- completely sweat-shop free- these are a wardrobe essential. Shop Bikinis #2 Sunglasses Not only are they the perfect summer outfit accessory, but they also keep the sun from damaging your eyes. ZEROUV sunnies are a great choice, with super stylish designs, affordable prices and UV protection.  Shop Sunnies Shop Bikini #3 Beach Blanket With so many prints and colors to choose from, you will be sure to...

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The REAL Difference Between Cheap & Expensive Bikinis

We understand that some may people wonder- why is such a small piece of fabric so expensive?! What's the difference between a $30 and $130 bikini anyway? Good quality swimwear is complicated to make, and so much hard work goes into each and every piece. You may be surprised to learn that buying that cheap bikini can actually end up costing you more in the long run.  1. It's a lot of work to make sure your swimsuit fits just right! “Constructing even a simple swimsuit is every bit as complex as constructing a dress,” says Nancy Stanforth, a professor of fashion merchandising at Kent State University. Designers must push the latest trends, while carefully considering fit: A survey by...

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Ways to Wear our Wanderlove Top

You'll never get bored with out Wanderlove Top- one of the most versatile bikini tops on the market! Not only is it fully reversible, but it can also be tied 6 different ways. From simple to strappy, this top has all the options. The ultimate customizable bikini!  SHOP NOW

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