Top 9 Fashion Essentials For Festival Season

Top 9 Fashion Essentials For Festival Season

#1 Bikini 

festival swimwear

For bohemian babes who are wild and free - just like the sea, Isla Bohemia Bikinis offers mix n' match seamless bikinis that are fully reversible with bright colors and to-die-for prints. Proudly made in America! SHOP: Isla Bohemia Bikinis

#2 Beach Towel

Sit on the grass in style (and avoid stains on that amazing outfit) with Vagabond Beach towels. They come in stunning shapes and patterns such as mandalas, lotus flowers and elephants. SHOP: Vagabond Beach

#3 Butterfly Crown

You'll be obsessed with the dreamy, fairy-like butterfly crowns at Wild and Free Jewelry! This shop specializes in beautifully handcrafted pieces, and you're sure to also love their mermaid crowns and embroidered denim jackets. SHOP CROWN: Wild and Free Jewelry SHOP BIKINI: Isla Bohemia

#4 Flash Tattoos

festival flash tattoo

Iamu Collective partners with instagram influencers to create pieces of art you can wear on your body, with names to love like Pocahontas Gypsy and Space Mermaid. SHOP: Iamu Collective

#5 Colorful Sandals

festival sandals

Elina Linadarki brings sandals to a whole new level with artisanal leather accented by pom poms, beads, macrame and charms. SHOP: Elina Lindarki

 #6 Handbag

festival bag

Fringe, leather, mermaids, tassels... Stela 9 has a bag for every outfit! SHOP: Stela 9 


#7 Wings

These winged scarves from Shovava won't make you fly but they will make you feel like a bohemian goddess. SHOP: Shovava 

 # 8 Stackable Bracelets

festival jewelry

Pura Vida Bracelets can be mixed and matched so they're completely unique to you! String, braided or beaded, with charms like arrowheads, moons and peace signs, what's not to love? SHOP: Pura Vida Bracelets

# 9 Wanderlust Sunglasses

Take in every moment without the suns glare! ZeroUV sunglasses not only block blinding UV rays but also come in tons of styles and colors. Check out their wanderlust collection if you really want to stand out with fun shapes like hearts, flowers, lips and of course plenty of sparkle! SHOP SUNNIES: ZeroUV SHOP BIKINI: Isla Bohemia

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Here at Isla Bohemia we understand how tricky it can be buying swimwear online. We want to ensure that you feel confident choosing your bohemian suits and receive the perfect fit! If you require further sizing assistance please email us at: hello@islabohemiabikinis.com

size chart boho soul

I'm in between sizes! What should I do?

Tops: "Soulshine" style size up. For "Wanderlove" and "Gypsea", if you prefer regular/fuller coverage, size up. If you prefer a revealing fit, size down.

Bottoms: We run a snug, active-use fit. Please size up. If you normally can wear an XS or an S, order a size Small. If you usually can wear an S or an M, order a size Medium. If you usually can wear an M or an L, order a size Large.

*Please note- bottoms should fit very snug when you first try them on. This does NOT mean you should exchange for a bigger size. Swimwear fabric has the tendency to conform to the body after a few wears. If bottoms are not snug, you run the risk of getting that "diaper" sag over time. Sadly, we see way too much of this look at the beach because many girls don't realize that swimwear fabric will relax over time.

Bottom coverage- Dreamer vs Luna

*Note that coverage is also dependent on booty size! Model shown has a very round/full booty, girls with smaller or flatter bums will have more coverage.

cheeky moderate coverage reversible bikini bottoms



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