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Bikinis for the wild and free- just like the sea.

butterfly print bandeau bikini top

Isla- (Eye-La) Island

Bohemia- A place populated by Bohemians: Gypsies. Wanderers. People who live a free spirited lives and believes in truth, freedom and love. 

Isla Bohemia was established in 2016, with an idea to create beautiful, unique and well crafted bikinis for bohemian girls who have free-spirited, water-loving souls. 

All of our bikinis are reversible, giving you more options, because we know that a wild child's mood can change with the wind. When you buy one set (top and bottom) you get 4 different looks- that's right, 4 bikinis in 1! Tops and bottoms are sold separately, so you can mix and match to create your own unique look. We have carefully selected every color and pattern for the collection so that no matter which pieces you choose, they pair together perfectly. 

Our bikinis are entirely made with high quality fabric, so they feel amazingly soft and smooth against your skin- none of that cheap polyester lining. Prints and styles are limited edition, meaning that we make very few pieces in each style and print, ensuring every Isla Bohemia babe feels unique wherever she goes (so if you see something you like- get it before it's gone!).

Isla Bohemia encourages conscious consumerism. Many swimwear companies are having their suits made overseas in areas where there are still minimal labor laws, low quality control and poor or even dangerous working conditions. All of our product is handcrafted with love in the North America, with fair wages and in clean and safe working environments.

The founder and owner of Isla Bohemia is a Canadian who has traveled to 18 countries and aside from her home country, has lived in Australia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Netherlands and Spain. This line is inspired by her wanderlust spirit.

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